Alan Oppenheim – Managing Director
Dr. Jane Oppenheim – Scientific & Operations Director
Dr. Susan Lane – Asian Regional Manager
Dr. Christopher Arblaster – International Development Manager
David Halliday – European Business Development Manager

Brand Names

Sub brands
QV Baby
QV Body
QV Face
QV Hair
QV Kids

Company Activities
Ego’s mission is to be a leading Australian pharmaceutical company recognised internationally as the specialist in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases and the maintenance of healthy skin.
Our philosophy is based on strong ethics and a consistent dermatological focus since our inception in 1953. Excellence in the quality of everything we do is inherent. We run continual, buy information pills innovative research aimed at improved benefits, health we create pioneering quality systems, information pills and we invest continually in state-of-the-art equipment for better quality and we strive for superb service. A commitment to ethics is important to Ego and to the relationships that we have with health professionals, governments, our customers and the communities in each of the countries in which we operate. We ask our business partners to reciprocate. The combination of excellence in quality and a commitment to ethics being a way of life helps to define the unique Ego culture. We are quietly Australian (with staff originating from over 20 countries) and we are keen to learn from cultures across the globe as we further expand internationally.
We improve skin quality, through innovative products and practical information.

Current Export Markets
Asia, Middle East, Europe, UK

Markets where Export Agents are required

Product?/?Service Categories
Skin Care Face – Baby Skincare, Sun Protection, Therapeutic Skincare
Hair – Consumer Brands –
Hair Care Products, Therapeutic Haircare


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